Admin November 17, 2023

How Does Addiction Affect the Brain?

It’s no secret that chronic substance abuse can lead to dramatic changes in how people think and act. But what,...

Tori Skene November 14, 2023

What Is the Difference Between Meth and Adderall?

They are both stimulants that can cause increased energy, improved focus, and elevated mood. They are both often abused, a...

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Can You Make Someone Go to Rehab?

Treatment can have a life-affirming impact on people who have been struggling with addictions to alcohol and other drugs. But...

Tori Skene October 26, 2023

Can Alcohol Abuse Cause Diabetes?

Alcohol use disorder (alcoholism) shares a few similarities with diabetes. For example, both are typically described as chronic conditions that...

Tori Skene October 18, 2023

ADHD and Alcohol: The Connection

On their own, either ADHD or alcohol addiction can be extremely distressing. When a person experiences both disorders at the...

Tori Skene October 9, 2023

Family Roles in Addiction

The impact of addiction is rarely limited to the individual who develops the disorder. The ways that loved ones are...