Family Resources

Family Resources

Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone in the family. The objective of this meeting is to assist loved ones in navigating through crisis situations while offering guidance and suggestions from others who have had similar experiences. We provide a safe and confidential space for people to discuss issues that stem from their loved ones using.

This meeting is also a place to receive education and support on the disease model of addiction, the difference between enabling and supporting, information and resources on different forms of treatment, Narcan certification information, and is a way to build healthy relationships and networks with other people that are trying to regain control of their lives while simultaneously providing the right form of support in their loved ones recovery.  We offer a professionally guided, evidenced based program for loved ones that do not suffer from addiction but are struggling with the constant battle to “fix or control” their loved one’s using.

Each meeting will have people in long term recovery, licensed social workers and parent liaisons to help aid in this process. The weekly family and loved one’s support meeting are open to the public and is free of charge.  Family support meetings have been cancelled do to Covid-19.  Please check back for updated meeting times.

What Our Family Meeting Provides:

A safe and confidential group environment

Guidance and support through crisis situations

Stories of hope and healing

Guided communication between facilitators, parent liaisons, and loved ones

Resources on different treatment options available

Program information

Comprehensive demonstration on the “disease model of addiction”

Open discussions/FAQ

Narcan certification Information

Education on the difference between enabling and supporting

A network of support to rely on for the rest of your life

Instant Insurance Verification

Same-Day Clinical Assessment

Free &

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We have a longstanding foundation in the treatment and recovery community

Lake Avenue Recovery is a state licensed and Joint Commission accredited organization committed to promoting, maintaining, and restoring the dignity, well-being and mental health for those with substance use disorders and their families serving greater Worcester county and beyond.


  • 132 Years Clinical Excellence
  • 105 Years Recovery Experience
  • 8:1 Ratio Client to Staff
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