Aftercare Planning

Aftercare Planning

It is undeniable that seeking help and completing treatment for an addiction is a monumental achievement, however, the journey does not stop there. Aftercare, which commonly refers to subsequent intervention and therapy methods post-treatment, has proven to be equally as important as treatment itself. At Lake Avenue Recovery, we understand that immersing yourself into life after treatment can be a daunting task. Our aftercare program is designed to provide support and structure while you ease back into society as well as family or career commitments. Aftercare is individualized to each person, proposed around their specific needs and triggers.

Access to continued clinical and therapeutic services allows you to feel the continued reinforcement and backing of the recovery community while also allowing you to make healthy choices outside of treatment through maintenance and preparedness.

Understanding Triggers and Relapse Prevention

Successfully completing treatment is a noteworthy accomplishment, but the journey does not end there. While in recovery, you will encounter temptations and triggers and it is important to recognize them and address them head-on. Triggers present themselves as stimuli that motivate and a courage an individual to engage in the addictive behavior they are recovering from. These stimuli can be a location, a person or even a scent. As a part of Lake Ave Recovery’s aftercare planning service, our addiction specialists will help you navigate safely in a world outside of treatment and teach you ways to cope with triggers and temptations. Aftercare focuses on relapse prevention skills while reinforcing and solidifying one’s recovery.

Continued Counseling

The use of behavioral therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) , interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) and trauma informed care (TIC) have proven to be immensely valuable tools while in recovery, especially post-treatment when a personal is assimilating back into society with a new perspective and priorities.

Lake Ave Recovery recognizes that, as a disease, addiction affects the entire family or household, therefore as apart of aftercare planning, we also provide referrals to family counseling.

Career and Educational Guidance

Keeping busy is a key factor in preventing relapse. At Lake Ave Recovery we encourage our clients and alumni to pursue their career and educational goals and remind them that we will be right by their side the entire way. Succeeding in either the workplace or school can significantly and positively impact self-esteem, mood, and self-identity. Our aftercare planning services will help you determine your occupational strengths, build a strong resume and identify any barrier that could prevent you from achieving success.

The First Challenge

The first challenge you will face on your journey to life-long recovery is the treatment process itself. Lake Ave Recovery offer a number of treatment options to fit your specific needs, including Day Treatment ProgramIntensive Outpatient ProgramEvening Treatment Program and an Outpatient Program. Our trained staff will address your physical, mental and emotional needs, while providing you with the care you need to feel confident in your progress when you leave treatment.

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