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At Lake Ave Recovery, we aim to make the entire continuum of care as seamless as possible. From detoxification, to rehab, to Day Treatment, to Sober Living, to Individual Counseling, we can help formulate an individual treatment plan that is right for YOU. Drug addiction and its treatment are complex and multi factorial. Fortunately, there are general principles and methods applicable to virtually all drug addictions.

There are also unique features specific to each drug. Treatment becomes even more complex when an individual is using more than one drug – a common problem. Treatment of drug addiction, to be successful, means that all the substances which an individual is using must be addressed specifically, it should be kept in mind that other substances that a person misuses must be considered to optimize the chance for long-term freedom from all illicit drug use. We can HELP with creating a lasting plan for success. We specialize in outpatient day and evening addiction treatment, and have great relationships with a number of Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts detox programs. We will conduct a risk assessment in order to place you in the appropriate setting, and create a perfect match to your treatment needs. Determining the extent of alcohol and/or drug use and a possible combination with other harmful substances is included in the overall risk assessment. Suspected other substance use may initially be only one substance in addition to alcohol, but further investigation may reveal that the individual is using more than just one other substance, such as prescription drugs. Knowing the list of prescribers for a patient in treatment is helpful, especially for patients who are elderly or disabled enough to be unable to provide a clear history. When an older person is suspected of prescription drug use, the addiction treatment team will need to completely review those and list the different types of prescriptions used, including names, dosages, and times of use. It is important to note that the process of treatment may be slower for disabled or older individuals in an alcohol recovery program. The changes that are associated with aging, such as slowing of body processes and decreased sensory perception may make the process of overcoming addiction more complicated and extend thetime of recovery.

It is also important to be aware of the cognitive changes that can occur with prolonged alcohol use when making decisions for the treatment plan. The following discussion highlights both the inpatient and outpatient venue for substance use disorder treatment and progress. Whether it be an inpatient detox or rehab center in Massachusetts, we will remain in contact with you and your medical personnel in order to ensure you are receiving comfortable and effective care. We will continue to serve as your liaison until you are ready to leave detox and/or rehab to continue treatment in Lake Avenue Recovery’s discreet and dignified outpatient setting.

Why Choose Lake Ave Recovery?

At Lake Ave Recovery, we understand the importance of detoxing in a safe,comfortable and dignified environment while under medical supervision. From thefirst time you reach out to us, we are passionate about finding you asupportive environment where you can begin your recovery journey.Treatmentfrom Substance or Alcohol dependence begins with medically supervised detox.The symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal can be severe and it is crucial youplaced in the right hands during this early stage of recovery. Inpatientdetoxification programs are designed for more intensive treatment of drug andalcohol use. People may need treatment at an inpatient program if attempts atcounseling or outpatient rehabilitation have failed. Somepatients experience severe symptoms of withdrawal, including delirium tremensassociated with alcohol withdrawal. In these cases, inpatient treatment iswarranted to protect the patient’s health until he or she reaches a more stablestate. Inpatientdetoxification is a process of assisting a patient during a period of alcoholwithdrawal. The patient is admitted to a hospital or detoxification center andmonitored closely during the period of withdrawal. The patient may need seizure precautions to avoidbecoming injured during the acute phase of withdrawal. Another aspect ofclinical care in an inpatient detoxification program may be to administermedications that will manage symptoms if the patient is going throughwithdrawal. This often means giving drugs as scheduled to minimize the effectsof tremor, hypertension, or agitation that can develop and to help the patientovercome the physical effects of withdrawal.Medicalpersonnel caring for a patient undergoing withdrawal and detoxification monitorand intervene to treat patient symptoms as the body goes through withdrawal, aswell as attend to the emotional and psychological state of patientsexperiencing intense feelings of grief, anger, frustration, and anxiety. Whencaring for individuals in an inpatient detoxification program, cliniciansprovide care for chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes andcardiovascular disease When a patient is an inpatient at a detoxificationcenter for withdrawal from alcohol, the focus is on interventions that providea quiet environment that is safe for the patient. This may mean keeping thepatient in an area that is not overstimulating, i.e., keeping the lights lowand minimizing outside noise. Only after the physical effects have been managedcan the patient begin to negotiate therapy and rehabilitation required toovercome addiction.Yourdetox program will be customized to your specific needs by trained addictionspecialists and leaders in addiction treatment.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Adventure Therapy?

The next step involves setting you up with all the tools you need to start your recovery journey.
This includes:
– An understanding of addiction from the perspective of neuroscience
– Individual, group, and family therapy to help you understand how your relationships impact your decision making
– A unique treatment plan based on your Strengths, Need, Abilities, and Preferences
– Trauma recovery and empowerment
– Active coping skills training, including distress tolerance, regulation, and co-regulation
– Medical Assisted Recovery (MAR), including onsite access to psychopharmacology
– Experiential real-world exposure to the unique triggers most likely to cause a relapse
– Working together to identify the root cause of your alcoholism, helping you gain insight and make necessary changes in your life
– Connecting you with your community and coordinating aftercare with skilled local providers

Our addiction recovery programs range from day treatment, evening treatment, and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). These offerings allow you to participate in alcohol use disorder treatment even if you cannot take time off of work or have family obligations that make an inpatient treatment program difficult. Depending on the program you choose, you will have access to wellness-promoting activities like meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi, Qigong, massage, acupuncture, and personal training, all at our beautiful water frontlocation.

Comfort, Curiosity, Care, and Concern are the corner stones of our alcohol misuse recovery program. With our evidence-based therapies, wellness and self-care activities, and spirit-centered philosophies,we can treat your alcohol addiction and help bring the joy back to your life.

Get help today. Contact us at 888.926.9880.

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