Signs That You May Have a Problem With Drugs

The term “drugs” has a wide variety of usage. It can refer to a prescription medicine prescribed to you by a doctor or a substance illegally obtained on the street. Lethal drugs can also include alcohol. Regardless of the origin or how it was obtained, drugs have the ability to your brain function which leads to dependence and addiction. The pleasure or escape that drugs provide is often what leads to the physical or psychological dependence. Addiction to drugs can change the entire trajectory of your life, isolating you from family and friends. It can devastatingly impact your career and education and leave you in debt. What may start out as orderly or recreational use can quickly turn into misuse. An addiction or chemical dependence occurs when there an urge to use the drug that is difficult to control.

Signs of Drug Addiction

  • Choosing to associate with people who use drugs, over people who do not use
  • Continuing to use despite financial issues or debt
  • Selling possessions or stealing in order to pay for drugs
  • Legal troubles caused by your habit
  • Using drugs to heal an emotional trauma or mental illness
  • Lying to family and friends about your life
  • Trouble with your job/school
  • Weight loss

What Can You Do About Your Drug Problem?

Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to changing the rest of your life. Even if you have tried to quit in the past, it is never too late to quit safely and with guidance.  

Do not try to do this alone. Seek out the right professional help for your needs.

Seeking the right professional help from the start can make all the difference in determining how the rest of the recovery process will progress.

Why Choose Lake Ave Recovery?

At Lake Avenue Recovery, we specialize in addiction and will design a treatment program around your specific needs and concerns. We start with a brief assessment to determine the appropriate treatment plan. If you require medical supervision, we will place you in the care of trained medical staff.  Levels of care may include Detoxification and Rehabilitation before continuing with full day, half-day or evening treatment for Recovery maintenance. Our programs are designed to give you the tools you need to begin your journey towards lifelong recovery. We aim to help you identify the root cause of their dependence, helping you to gain insight and make necessary changes in life.