September is Recovery Month!

At Lake Ave Recovery, not a day passes by when our devoted founders and staff aren’t committed to guiding people toward lifelong recovery. September is a month dedicated to increasing awareness and reducing the stigma of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. September welcomes events devoted to bringing people in the recovery community together to celebrate one another’s progress and achievements.   

What is National Recovery Month

In 1989, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) created National Recovery Month with the goal of spreading the word about both substance use disorder treatment discoveries and mental health services. Through seminars, PSAs, community awareness walks, documentaries, and personal testimonies, National Recovery Month aims to increase access to treatment providers and resources. At Lake Ave Recovery, we understand that as more tools, information, and treatment options become available. National Recovery Month is also a time to honor and celebrate the successes of those in early and long-term recovery. Communities, as a whole, as well as mental health and medical professionals, play an essential role in supporting people who need help by providing information, awareness, and access to treatment.
The color Purple, the designated hue for National Recovery Month, has grown to symbolize the strength and camaraderie that this month cultivates. Purple is sometimes combined with other colors, such as turquoise, which represents Addiction Recovery Awareness.

Ways to Honor Those in Recovery in September?

There are a number of ways to celebrate and honor those in recovery while also increasing awareness:

  • Support groups bring together people facing similar situations to help them gain strength from others.
  • Contests, whether they involve art, poetry, music, or videos, are an excellent way to promote creativity related to recovery.
  • Host a film viewing that spreads substance use disorder awareness and knowledge.
  • Informational seminars help promote awareness of substance abuse and recovery and the available treatment options.
  • Fun activities, such as bowling, fairs, camping, picnics, and music concerts, help strengthen fellowship and community support.
  • Rallies, Walks, or Rides for the cause create awareness and can raise money for future events and community recovery programs

Getting Help with Lake Ave Recovery

Lake Ave Recovery is steadfast in addressing this country’s growing substance use and overdose crisis. Through evidence-based treatment programs and decades of experience, we proudly support the recovery community by providing access to all. When you choose Lake Avenue Recovery for your recovery needs, you begin with a brief assessment to determine the appropriate level of care to ensure you are receiving adequate help for your stage of recovery.
At Lake Ave Recovery, clients have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiential and mindfulness services, such as boat rides, nature walks, light strength, and fitness training, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, massage, and Reiki. Our on-site therapy dogs assist our clinical professional team in providing the comforting and uplifting atmosphere we pride ourselves on.
If you or a loved one suffers from substance use disorder, you are not alone. Call 508-794-4400 to learn how to break the cycle today.