Team Member

About Mike Hurley

Michael was born in Brockton, MA and earned a Bachelor of Science from Bridgewater State University.  During his turbulent childhood, he faced many of the same abuses and challenges our clients have. His self-medicating quickly progressed to the powerful disease of addiction which he continued to battle throughout college and his professional career.  His “rock-bottom” left him homeless, helpless, and desperate for change.  Michael ultimately surrendered his self-will and found his way towards his journey of long-term recovery with active participation and devoted service in a 12-Step fellowship.

As a Managing Partner in Lake Avenue Recovery, he is excited to be part of a team that has built a truly beautiful facility which guides people down a comprehensive addiction recovery path.  Michael’s personal experience in recovery, along with his passion for helping others gives him a unique insight into those struggling with substance use disorder.

Joining forces with his business partner and other experienced members in the recovery community has allowed him to help create a place that provides Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Evening Treatment and Outpatient Programs.  In addition to incorporating the latest advances in substance use disorder treatment such as, neuropsychology, medication assisted recovery, 12-step facilitation, physical and emotional wellness and individualized care.  The facility leverages its waterfront location to provide seasonal offerings like rowing, kayaking, and sailing, along with traditional holistic pursuits, like massage, Reiki, Tai-Chi, Qigong and meditation all designed to bring joy back into a person’s life.

Being a person in long-term recovery, he has dedicated his life to helping other addicts and alcoholics in recovery by spreading the motto, “We Do Recover!”  He strongly believes in the message of hope and that anybody willing to make a change can.