Team Member

About Jen Breeds

Meet Jen Breeds! Jen joins the Lake Ave Recovery team as our new Community Service Representative with a myriad of personal and professional recovery experiences. Her passion for helping others find the path to life-long contributes to her passion for giving back to the community whose support once saved her life.

The Worcester community holds a special place in Jen’s heart. Worcester-born and raised, Jen went on to attend Worcester State College and began working in the corporate business field. But her journey towards becoming a community leader in recovery started with her own struggles with addiction. At a young age, Jen struggled with alcohol abuse that she often masked as social drinking. After an unfortunate injury, her struggles with alcohol escalated to an opiate dependence. With her family in mind, Jen turned to professional treatment programs to turn her life around.

Jen proudly attributes the success of her recovery to her environment. She strongly believes in the importance of fellowship and surrounding herself with people who are also in recovery. Jen is grateful for the strength and support she has received from 12-step programs, which she remains highly active in today.

Through her dedication and compassion, Jen has become a beloved leader in the Worcester recovery community, the same community that supported her when she needed it the most. She has helped countless people find the treatment they need to overcome addiction and build better lives for themselves and their families. She works tirelessly to raise awareness about addiction and recovery and is always willing to lend a listening ear to anyone in need. She has become an inspiration to her community and a shining example of overcoming adversity and making a positive difference in the world.