Importance of Aftercare

It is undeniable that seeking help and completing treatment for an addiction is a monumental achievement, however, the journey does not stop there. Aftercare, which commonly refers to subsequent intervention and therapy methods post-treatment, has proven to be equally as important as treatment itself.

What is Aftercare?

Immersing yourself back into your previous life can be a daunting task. Proper aftercare is designed to provide support ad structure while you ease back into society as well as family or career commitments. Aftercare should be individualized to each person, proposed around their specific needs and triggers. Access to continued clinical and therapeutic services allows you to feel the continued reinforcement and backing of the recovery community.

Aftercare programs are designed to help clients make healthy choices outside of treatment through maintenance and preparedness.

What Do Aftercare Services Include?

  • Legal assistance
  • Transitional housing assistance
  • Education and career guidance
  • Stress and anger management
  • Help with managing ongoing or new relationship
  • Psychological services and mental health monitoring
  • Safe and healthy coping mechanisms
  • Creating a healthy family dynamic
  • Support groups

Studies show that the chance of long-term recovery increases by 20% each month someone participates in their aftercare plan. At Lake Ave Recovery, we understand that addiction is a chronic disease, that requires a lifetime of attention, but with a successful customized aftercare plan, we believe long-term recovery is achievable and on the horizon.