How can Occupational Therapy Help Rebuild Lives?

Used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods, Occupational Therapy has become increasingly important in substance use disorder treatment and recovery. By helping give purpose and meaning to everyday activities (occupations), people in recovery are getting acclimated to a new lifestyle.

Occupational therapy has shown to help people break free from the hold their addiction has had on their day-to-day activities and resume productive, rewarding lives. Being able to complete the necessary tasks to carry on a fulfilling day, provides freedom while on this new recovery journey.

At Lake Ave Recovery, we incorporate Occupational Therapy into our comprehensive treatment plans in order to help teach healthy outlets and coping skills when faced with a variety of tasks, challenges and encounters. Whether it includes financial responsibilities and worries, career changes and job interviews, family and personal relationships, grocery shopping and meal prepping, or a range of other activities that have the potential to cause stress and may have

previously triggered the use of alcohol or drugs in the past.
Occupational Therapy practitioners work with clients to overview their everyday routines and assess how they might affect their mental health and recovery progress. Practitioners use clients’ past behaviors, habits and triggers to help them recognize where problems lie and create a plan to work through challenging activities, while also encouraging participating in activities that bring joy.

Occupational Therapy is a constructive and vital treatment method that helps people in recovery from substance use disorders rediscover and rebuild their lives through meaningful activities.