Team Member

About Gina Abbott

Gina comes to Lake Ave Recovery with several years of medical office experience ranging from behavioral health to pediatrics. Her professional managerial skills help things run smoothly in order to provide the best possible services here at Lake Avenue Recovery.

Being personally touched by addiction herself, she actively practices a way of living we believe to be integral to creating a meaningful, healthy and vibrant life. A mother of two twenty-something women and twin boys entering adulthood, Gina brings years of life experience, understanding and empathy to her role as the person responsible for “keeping the place running”.  Gina has a great sense of humor despite her often-failed attempts at telling a joke and a caring nature as evidenced by her dedication to her kids, despite their chagrin as not being treated according to their young adult status.

Gina works hard to ensure that Lake Avenue Recovery is a place where people feel comfortable and cared for.

When not managing Lake Ave Recovery, Gina enjoys spending time with family, especially her dog Link, watching the Patriots and attending the twin boys basketball games and track meets.