Fellowship and The LAR Alumni Association

Since the creation of Lake Ave Recovery’s Alumni Association 6 months ago, we have received endless positive feedback and willingness to participate. It is an honor to be able to witness clients, who join our treatment program with hope for their future, then become graduates who then become alumni. What started out as meetings between a handful of Lake Ave graduates has now flourished into a thriving support group that hosts over 20 people at its catered monthly meetups. In addition to meetings, the alumni are also offered weekly exercise sessions with Revive of The USA, to keep their physical well-being strong enough to support their mental and emotional journey.

Addiction and recovery are lifelong battles. It is a battle that goes on well after treatment, hence the importance of proper aftercare and support. The Alumni Association, whether it’s virtually through its growing and active Facebook support group, or through its in-person meeting, provides a level of fellowship that is key to successful and long-term recovery. The group allows members to learn and grow together, all while working towards the same goal.

Fellowship is especially important during early recovery. Early recovery is one of the most difficult times in recovery. It can be a turbulent time, full of emotional highs and lows. Connecting with others, who are going through the same stage of recovery and trying to navigate a new life post-treatment provides a safe space for support and feedback, as well as guidance from those who are further along in recovery. Through fellowship also comes motivation, accountability and guidance.

As humans, we thrive on personal connection and support from our environment, whether it be our family, friends, colleagues or support group, to help overcome challenges life presents. Staying connected with individuals who can personally relate to your struggle and who can guide you through a triggering moment is a crucial step in avoiding relapse.