Dog Days of Recovery

There is no doubt about how hard our staff and clinical team work to keep our treatment program individualized, effective and current. However, there is a supporting team at Lake Ave Recovery that deserves special recognition for always showing up with a positive attitude and with an unwavering dedication to compassion and care: our four-legged friends!
One of the most beloved features of Lake Ave Recovery is our
therapy dog services as well as the friendly office canine companions.

Our therapy dog, Sammy, often participates in mindfulness practices, such as qi-gong and meditation, serving as a diversion from any unpleasant thoughts that may occur. Animal Assisted Therapy, when used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods for substance use disorders, has shown to have an impact on confidence and mood in recovery and helps to alleviate stress and other triggers that often lead to relapse.

Studies show that therapy dogs provide comfort, care and support to those in treatment for substance use disorders as well as those with psychological conditions, such as anxiety, depression. Dogs have always shown to assist people in difficult circumstances, but only recently have their abilities been recognized by medical science.

The dogs of Lake Ave Recovery bring a bright light to our practice. Their kindness and empathy can be felt by all. Clients appreciate their company, and they welcome the loving attention.