Alcoholic Parents: The Effect on Children

Alcoholism is often referred to as a “family disease” because of its immense effects on each member of the family. Growing up in a home where one or both parents is battling alcoholism, or any substance use disorder, can have a long-term impact on the children in that home, carrying on into adulthood. The weight of alcoholism can have on a family’s well-being can be detrimental, due to feels in instability and unpredictability. Often, the emotional needs of the children are not met, resulting in a stunted emotional maturity, leading them to face expressive or behavioral challenges as adults. The interactions and relationships they possess later on in life may reflect their dysfunctional relationship with the alcoholic parent that constantly left them disappointed or needing more.

Studies show that, within a family, alcoholism has the greatest impact on the children, over spouses, significant others, or other members. With an increase in consumption of alcohol, in regard to both the amount of alcohol being consumed as well as the time devoted to drinking and obtaining alcohol, parental skills diminish, making way for weakened communication and affection between parent and child. These parental shortcomings leave emotional scars that a that contribute to their Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).

Due to dysfunctional relationships and emotional trauma, children of alcoholics develop characteristics that are a direct result of their upbringings. They often grow to suppress their own feelings in order to avoid any confrontation or conflict and constantly seek the approval from others. They can also have difficulty maintaining intimate or healthy relationships and are very critical and judgmental of themselves.

Addiction to any substance has severe and debilitating effects on oneself, as well as their loved ones. It is never too late to receive help for an addiction or for the impact someone else’s addiction has had on you.

Lake Ave Recovery’s alcohol dependence treatment program is designed to cater to your individual strengths in weaknesses, using group and one-on-one therapy sessions as well as an array of experiential and mindfulness services.

We believe in the importance of giving you the right tools you need to start your journey towards lifelong recovery, which include:

  • An understanding of addiction from the perspective of neuroscience
  • Individual, group, and family therapy to help you understand how your relationships impact your decision making
  • A unique treatment plan based on your Strengths, Need, Abilities, and Preferences
  • Trauma recovery and empowerment
  • Active coping skills training, including distress tolerance, regulation, and co-regulation
  • Medical Assisted Recovery (MAR), including onsite access to psychopharmacology
  • Experiential real-world exposure to the unique triggers most likely to cause a relapse
  • Working together to identify the root cause of your alcoholism, helping you gain insight and make necessary changes in your life
  • Connecting you with your community and coordinating aftercare with skilled local providers

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