4 Key Questions to Ask When Looking for Sober Living

Alcohol and substance use disorders are challenging illnesses that affect almost all aspects of life. At Lake Ave Recovery, we wholeheartedly believe that a person’s environment plays a vital role in their treatment and recovery. Individuals in recovery, particularly early recovery, immensely benefit from a structured transitional living environment to help keep them on track in the most crucial stages of their journey.

When considering living in a sober living facility, here are four key questions to ask:

How Can Sober Living Benefit Me While I Am in Treatment?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a stable living environment is vital to a person’s treatment and recovery process and contributes to the success of their long-term recovery. There are numerous benefits to living in a sober living residence while in an outpatient treatment program at Lake Ave Recovery, including positive support from like-minded peers. Sober living provides the landscape for camaraderie and fellowship to blossom while creating meaningful sober relationships, which may be new for some people in early recovery.

Sharing a space with others who are going through a similar situation and battling similar struggles can create a support network free of judgment. A healthy support system is beneficial while in treatment to avoid isolation and help manage triggers and cravings.

Will I Have Independence While Living in A Sober Living Home?

Sober living facilities provide an outstanding balance between freedom and structure. Lake Ave Recovery encourages clients to use their independence in sober living to pave a meaningful path that they wish to carry on post-treatment. In sober living, individuals have the autonomy to pursue career and educational opportunities, create new hobbies for themselves and form new friendships. Residents also have the freedom to prepare their own meals and may leave and enter the home as they please as long as they return by curfew. As time in sober living progresses, house managers may grant residents increased independence.

How Will Sober Living Help Me Transition to Life After Treatment?

At Lake Ave Recovery, we believe that sober living helps bridge the gap between treatment and the outside world. Sober living helps ease the transition into a completely independent life in conventional society. It can help prepare for a sober life of relationships, family and career responsibilities, school, and more. While in sober living and treatment, individuals have time to explore their emotions and triggers and create healthy coping mechanisms to avoid relapse.

How Do I Find the Right Sober Living Facility for Me?

Lake Ave Recovery works with you to help place you in a suitable sober living facility while you complete your treatment. We will match you with a facility that meets what you hope to gain from a structured transitional sober living environment. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization Program clients are given the opportunity to stay in one of the MASH certified peer-based independent living communities we have built strong relationships with while they complete their treatment.

To learn more about how Lake Ave Recovery can find you a suitable sober living facility for your specific needs and more about our treatment options, call 508-794-4400.