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About Sammy Maroney

At Lake Ave Recovery, one of our most beloved services is our Animal Assisted Therapy starring our therapy dog Sammy! Sammy is versed in one-on-one therapy as well as group settings. She often participated in mindfulness practices, such as qi-gong and meditation, serving as a diversion from any unpleasant thoughts that may occur.

No stranger to hardship herself, Sammy is a true example of resilience and courage. She was born with elbow dysplasia and crossed hind legs and had a very difficult beginning to life. But with proper care, the true fighter in her shined and she overcame her condition. Now 6 years old, she loves to run and is full of energy and might.

Animal Assisted Therapy, when used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods for substance use disorders, has shown to have a positive and powerful impact on morale and mood in recovery and help alleviate stress and other triggers that often lead to relapse.

Studies show that therapy dogs provide comfort, care and support to those in treatment for substance use disorders as well as those with psychological conditions, such as anxiety, depression. Dogs have always shown to assist people in difficult circumstances, but only recently have their abilities been recognized by medical science.

When she is not providing comfort and care in a therapeutic setting, Sammy can be found playing outdoors, hiking, carrying around her favorite stuffed toy or snuggled up with her humans. She has the ability to light up any room she enters and loves to be the center of attention. Her temperament is what makes her an amazing therapy dog. She is friendly, patient and kind. She loves what she does and is happy to have found her true calling.