The Nature of Recovery

There are centuries worth of evidence detailing the healing power of nature. It has the ability to contribute to one’s total well-being, including both physical and mental health. Simply being in nature, has proven to reduce stress, anger and fear as well as lower blood pressure and relieve muscle tension.

At Lake Ave Recovery, by incorporating outdoor experiential services into our evidence-based treatment program, clients are given the opportunity to enrich their mind, body and spirit while bathing in the beneficial qualities of the natural environment.

As the weather continues to get warmer, we continue to integrate more activities that involve nature and getting outdoors. Nature walks and hikes through nearby picturesque trails have quickly become a client-favorite activity.

Research has shown that spending time outdoors can enhance self-esteem, reduce feelings of loneliness while also promoting more restful sleep. While outdoor activities aren’t a cure for substance use disorders, they can certainly help manage factors that put you at risk for relapse.

In addition to nature walks, we also offer outdoor yoga and fitness sessions in the park. The fresh air and beaming sun help make each activity even more refreshing, In the summer months, clients enjoy rides on Lake Ave Recovery’s boat along the beautiful Lake Quinsigamond.

Today’s technology driven lifestyle, mixed with the pandemic, has adults staying indoors for up to 90 percent of their day. Lake Ave Recovery recognizes the importance, especially while in recovery, to make the time and effort to get outside.