Team Member

Shaun Wallace

About Shaun Wallace

Shaun was born and raised in the Worcester area with strong family ties to the local community.  After years of battling addiction himself, he now has several consecutive years in long-term recovery.  He is committed to his own recovery and actively works a 12-step program.  During this time, he has become a driving force in the recovery community- working tirelessly with various fellowships, agencies, programs and non-profits; leading by example to break the stigma and spread the message of recovery.  He spends a great deal of time developing relationships and creating a pipeline towards accessibility and providing a conduit of various resources.

His unbiased approach and genuine sentiment towards the recovery community makes him an undeniable example of giving back what was given to him.  Shaun regularly travels to a wide array of jails and institutions throughout the area to spread the message of hope and self-discovery to the recovering addict; communicating with anyone in crisis and guiding them towards the path of recovery.

Shaun’s desire for improving the standard of care for those struggling with the chronic, treatable disease of addiction continues to grow.  His passion for helping those in need of quality treatment and patient-centered care became reality.  As a Managing Partner he rallied with his colleagues to encompass what his core beliefs and the area’s demand for quality addiction treatment options are.  Before long, this aspiration became reality and Lake Avenue Recovery was born.