About Liz Cormier

Liz Cormier

Liz joins the Lake Ave Recovery team, as our Business Development Representative, with passion, a powerful story and excitement. She not only has an extensive career working in addiction related resources but has also faced the tribulations of substance use disorder herself.  She is a woman in long term recovery acting as a guide and example to others that We Do Recover!

A Lowell native, Liz was stuck in a cycle of relapse and recovery that seemed never ending. She faced tremendous tragedy, losing her husband to the insufferable disease of addiction. It was then, when it felt like her world had been shatter before of her eyes, that she knew her recovery had to be a priority. With a remarkable support system to back her, she learned to turn pain and grief into strength and resilience, for not only herself but also her children.

It wasn’t until treatment brought her to Worcester that she was able to create an impenetrable network of recovery allies, where she truly feels at home. Her recovery in Worcester began as a sober living resident of The Willing House.  With her dedication and passion for helping others, she quickly transitioned to become the house manager and now the Director of Operations for all 5 residential locations. Her growth and commitment have shown to be an inspiration to others in recovery.

Now in long-term recovery, Liz has not forgotten where she has come from and the tremendous support that brought her to a place where she can gain back what she once lost. She learned to advocate for herself, and in-turn advocate for the rights of others. Through a hands-on approach, she is able to guide people through the full continuum of care, from detox to independent, sober living and every level of care in-between.

Liz considers herself “always on the clock”, well aware that you can never plan when and where somebody will need help. She works diligently at ensuring people are placed in the best and most suitable treatment and helps advocate for those in need of additional resources and wrap-around services to aid in their journey or break down barriers seemingly in their way.

While Liz never seems to take a break from helping people turn their lives around, she loves spending time with her two young boys. She acknowledges that they give her the drive and strength to continue in recovery while also wishing the same for others.