Outpatient Addiction Program in Massachusetts

At Lake Ave Recovery, we understand the value of your mental health, especially while in recovery. Treatment at Lake Ave Recovery is unlike any other Massachusetts treatment center. Counseling through our Outpatient Program gives you the flexibility to receive help on your time, giving you the strength to face real world challenged and prevent relapses or escalation of your substance use disorder. Our treatment CURE is founded in Compassion, Understanding, Respect, and Empathy.

Our Outpatient Program is our least intensive level of care designed for people that want additional support in making healthy lifestyle choices, as well as those with other life obligations, who cannot commit to a more intensive level of care.

We evaluate you on an individualized and personal level. Our comprehensive assessment starts with psychological and cognitive evaluations so we can better understand your history with addiction, identify any co-occurring disorders that may affect your treatment and place you in the appropriate care.


The following are therapeutic concepts highlighted in our Outpatient Program:

Individual therapy is used to treat problems that can best be addressed on an individual basis or when clients are too fearful of groups to be able to utilize them. Alternative counseling methods include art therapy, music therapy, eye movement desensitization therapy, and rapid resolution therapy.

We provide individually customized, time-limited, comprehensive, and coordinated multidisciplinary treatment plans, which include multiple services and modalities and emphasize a solution-focused approach to increase your ability to function in the community and actively coordinates and promotes access to peer and self-help group services.

We specialize in the following areas.

Co-regulation: Co-regulation stresses the importance of “calming together” through a partner, family member, a support group or other supportive community outlets.  Co-regulation helps to normalize the difficulty of practicing coping skills independently and increases the one’s ability to ask for help.

Attachment Theory: Attachment theory covers the profound and lasting bond between two people or more and the impact it has on addiction and recovery. Emotional intimacy, expectations and communication style all play a role in attachment.

Trauma Informed Care (TIC): TIC promotes an atmosphere of healing and recovery, acknowledging that there is a history of trauma, and that trauma may present symptoms and play a role in the trajectory of that individual’s life.

Triggers and the Body’s Alarm System: Understanding the brain’s natural Flight, Fight, or Freeze response and how trauma and life experiences cause it to malfunction and trigger an adverse reaction. The healing process begins with learning how to effectively regulate these feelings.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: In this setting, you are encouraged to share whatever is going through your mind, in order to find hidden meanings or patterns in what you say or do. These concealed feelings are thought to contribute to your triggers and substance use disorder.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT examines how beliefs and thoughts are linked to behaviors and feelings. It aims to teach skills that re-train positive mindset and behaviors to help navigate through stressful situations.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT): IPT assesses how a disease, like addiction, can be triggered by situations involving relationships with others, such as a loss, arguments, or relocation. IPT helps develop effective and safe coping mechanisms while dealing with the interpersonal feelings that may arise.

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Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization Program) in Worcester

The Day Treatment Program is our most comprehensive level of care. Day Treatment meets Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM. We offer a trauma informed holistic care that includes an individualized treatment plan that focuses on a person’s Strengths, Need, Abilities and Preferences and incorporate mindfulness and experiences services into treatment.

Evening Addiction Treatment Program in Worcester

Our Evening Treatment Program is tailored for individuals with work, education or family responsibilities. We provide short-term evening programming that consists of intensive treatment within a stable therapeutic milieu.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Worcester, MA

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), is often the treatment of choice for most substance use disorders, including opioid dependence. IOP is offered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and includes psychoeducational group and individual therapy, along with a host of complementary holistic activities.

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